Thursday, 29 March 2007

Anglezarke Moor & Winter Hill (10mi/16km)

A rough partly pathless 4hr walk this afternoon on the West Pennine Moors
Started out from car park close to Rivington and headed up past Higher and Lower Hemphaw's (ruined dwellings) towards Lead Mines Clough.

Here the walk continued past Devil's Ditch (possible neolitihic/bronze age land boundary) towards Round Loaf burial mound.

Next it was up to Great Hill (381m) and on a paved path via Spitlers Edge towards Winter Hill (456m), home of the TV/radio/etc. transmitters and site of the area's worst air crash in 1958 which killed 35 people.

A pretty rough boggy walk over Rivington Moor to Rivington Pike (362m) and back down past pigeon tower wrapped things up.

(Start/End SD629149)

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Langdale Pikes (11mi/17km)

A top walk/scramble today around the Langdale Pikes. I started off from New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel and headed up the Stickle Ghyll path. I was tempted to scramble up the ghyll but feared for my dSLR!

After a snack and packing the dSLR away it was time for what I had been looing forward too - Jack's Rake (grade 1 scramble) up the face of Pavey Ark. Only about four other scramblers today on this popular route - I kept to the more exposed line at the start since my pack kept getting stuck otherwise. Good fun but not sure I'd like to down-climb it!

After summiting Pavey Ark via Jack's Rake I spent a few hours messing around on the Langdale pikes and crags indulging in some less serious scrambling fun!

See a video of Jack's Rake on youtube (not mine) here

The following Wainwrights completed today in about 7.5hrs;
  1. Pavey Ark (700m)
  2. High Raise (762m)
  3. Sergeant Man (730m)
  4. Thuncar Knott (723m)
  5. Harrison Stickle (736m)
  6. Loft Crag (682m)
  7. Pike o' Stickle (709m)
Birketts; Thorn Crag.

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(Start/End NY295064)

Friday, 16 March 2007

A short walk near the Clerk and the Bishop.

The Clerk
A short walk today with my friend Rob (this was his first time in the hills).

Made a late start with an initial hike past the Clerk and the Bishop on the edge of Thornthwaite Forest. Next came a slow climb up Barf and over to Lord's Seat. The cloud was pretty low by this time and the wind was getting strong so we had to call it a day with just the two Wainwrights completed..
  1. Barf (462m)
  2. Lord's Seat(552m)

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(Start/End: NY220264)

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Kentmere Round (12.5mi/20km)

Had an ok walk today - started in Kentmere. I parked at the church and went towards Raven Crag where I expected a nice easy grade 1 rock scramble. My mistake not to check access - the crag was closed due to Peregrine Falcons nesting! This resulted in me having to scramble up a wet bit of grass instead :(

Lake Windermere seen from Ill Bell
Eight Wainwrights completed on saturday and some decent photos taken in quite strong winds and low temperatures;
  1. Yoke (706m)
  2. Ill Bell (757m)
  3. Froswick (720m)
  4. Thornthwaite Beacon (784m)
  5. Mardale Ill Bell (760m)
  6. Harter Fell (778m)
  7. Kentmere Pike (730m)
  8. Shipman Knotts (587m)
Birketts; Goat Scar.

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