Monday, 2 February 2009

Blog is back

Hi everyone. My mountainstuff blog has been closed (too expensive and too much hassle to update). I'm going to be back posting here for 2009.

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted anything! I started 2008 with a nice ski trip to Courchevel. This was followed by a week in the Cairngorms but after this I just had a bad spring (long story.. not telling!) It picked up in august with an 11 day Lake District trip (hostelpacking). Things are back to normal now and I'll be posting my [significant] trips for 2009.


Sunday, 28 October 2007

new blog now open

My new improved blog (with google mapping, etc.) is now open! Check it out at

This blog will keep running alongside for the moment.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Copeland Horseshoe (18km)

An early start was made today (with wet shoes, that drying room was not so good!) at 9am from the first landing stage besides Wastwater for my quick version of the Copeland Horseshoe. The whole hike took my 7hrs which was a little slow but what can I say? BOGS!

(Haycock, Scoat Fell from Middle Fell)

A nice little traverse path on the side of Middle Fell led me to Greendale Tarn and then up and down to the summit of Middle Fell. First of the bogs encountered here. Then it was a bit of what would have been a depressing bog slog. Luckily I had the RAF boys to watch - still can't recognise the aircraft though!

(Greendale Tarn. Seatallan to Left. Middle Fell to Right.)

Once I got onto Scoat Fell the walk started to get good (i.e. no more bloody bogs!). A quick walk up Red Pike from the NW and the day was all over bar a muddy traverse on the side of Yewbarrow past Great Door and down to the road at Overbeck Bridge.

(Red Pike from Scoat Fell)

Two new Wainwrights completed;
  1. Middle Fell
  2. Red Pike

Aborted Cockly Pike Ridge, Ill Crag (18km)

I was aiming for a scramble (grade 1) up Cockly Pike ridge onto Ill Crag but ended up backing out, ostensibly due to lack of time, but I might have been a little scared!

I did the first two rocky pyramids but then backed off since I only had three hours to do it and then descend. Probably a good move considering the long (2hr) walk in/out via Esk Valley. Had a bit of fun bouldering instead (which was probably more dangerous but felt less so..!)

The walk-in is about 8km from Brotherikeld Farm via Great Moss. I had a good look at the Esk Gorge which really does look tempting as a big adventurous gill scramble!

No Wainwrights completed!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Langdale to Ennerdale 2-day Backpack (37km)

A two day backpacking trip which took us from the Stickle Gill pub in Langdale valley to the Black Sail Hut in Ennerdale valley and back again. A short scramble up the top of Stickle Gill (keeping out of the water) was followed up with Jack's Rake, a grade one scramble on Pavey Ark.

(Langdale Pikes. Harrison Stickle centre, Pavey Ark to right.)

(Ascending slabs at the top of Jack's Rake. Stickle Tarn below.)

After crossing the bogs on Martcrag Moor it was up Rossett Pike in a very cold wind. Gloves out for the first time this year! A traverse of the side of Great Gable followed and a quick ascent and very steep descent of Kirk Fell concluded the first day.

(Traversing Great Gable)

Scafell Pike was the objective for day two. This was ascended via the corridor route after leaving the Ennerdale valley by Black Sail Pass. I had very sore and wet feet by this stage due to forgetting to bring clean socks but I managed to limp back via Broad Crag, Esk Hause and ultimately the Cumbria Way alongside Mickleden Beck to Langdale and the Stickle Gill pub.

(Black Sail Hut, Ennerdale Valley)
(The Corridor Route)

Five Wainwrights done (2 new);
  1. Rossett Pike
  2. Pavey Ark
  3. Scafell Pike
  4. Kirk Fell
  5. Broad Crag

Blencathra via Sharp Edge (8km)

A quick scramble up Sharp Edge on tuesday afternoon. Not many folks about with just a couple of hikers on top and sharp edge deserted. A good test for the new FiveTen boots which gripped the rock very nicely.

Just one Wainwright;
  1. Blencathra (868m)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Yewbarrow (6km/628m)

(Wastwater seen from Yewbarrow)

A short single summit walk. Although it was only 6km it took me about 4hrs! Most of that time was spent slipping down Stirrup Crags (see below). Those Asics trail running shoes where a big mistake but I've got my FiveTen CampFour approach shoes now! See review here.

(Stirrup crag on Yewbarrow)

Just one Wainwright ticked;
  1. Yewbarrow (628m)