Sunday, 29 April 2007

Coniston Old Man (11km)

A short walk (3.5hrs) in some great weather today. Scrambled up 'The Bell' (pictured) from Walna Scar road then headed up the tourist path to the Old Man, nipped over to Brim Fell then headed back via Dow Crag, Buck Pike & Brown Pike.

Three Wainwrights summited;
  1. Coniston Old Man (803m)
  2. Brim Fell (796m)
  3. Dow Crag (778m)

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Black Sail 15-17 April 07

Thirteen Wainwrights ticked over 3 days at the Black Sail Hut YHA in Ennerdale.

Walk in from Buttermere (8km 640m):
  1. Haystacks (597m)

Day 1 (19km 1320m):
  1. Haycock (797m)
  2. Scoat Fell (841m)
  3. Steeple (819m)
  4. Pillar (892m)

Day 2 (14km 1405m):
  1. Great Gable (899m)
  2. Green Gable (801m)
  3. Base Brown (646m)
  4. Brandreth (715m)

Day 3 (10km 845m):
  1. High Crag (744m)
  2. High Stile (807m)
  3. Red Pike (755m)
  4. Dodd (502m)

See the gallery here and the walk report here (soon).

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Deepdale Horseshoe (10mi/16km)

A 'good friday' walk around this less popular horseshoe including a bit of scrambling up Cofa Pike (see pic) and part of Arnison Gill.

The following Wainwrights completed in about 7.5hrs;
  1. Arnison Crag (433m)
  2. Birks (622m)
  3. St. Sunday Crag (841m)
  4. Fairfield (873m)
  5. Hart Crag (822m)
  6. Hartsop above How (580m)

Birketts; Cofa Pike & Gale Crag.

See the gallery here and the walk report here (soon).