Thursday, 6 September 2007

Fairfield Horseshoe (15km/1100m)

(Not much to see on Hart Crag)

(Lake Windermere and Ambleside from the climb to Nab Scar)

Only between 30-70m visibility in low cloud from about 600m. Not so good for views but I got a little bit of navigation practice in there. Walking on bearings and using timings based on Naismith's Rule worked very well. My first time solo in bad visibility was quite good fun. Not sure I'm up for navigating in a whiteout though :)

And yep, I know the Fairfield Horseshoe is not exactly pathless! But it's a start.

Eight Wainwrights ticked (6 new):
  1. Nab Scar (440m)
  2. Heron Pike (612m)
  3. Great Rigg (766m)
  4. Fairfield (873m)
  5. Hart Crag (822m)
  6. Dove Crag (792m)
  7. High Pike (656m)
  8. Low Pike (508m)

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