Thursday, 15 February 2007

Coledale Round (10miles/16km)

Coledale Horseshoe

Five of the Wainwrights completed yesterday (wednesday) on the Coledale round over about five and a half hours. Weather turned out pleasant but with a bitter wind, the cloud on the higher summits cleared by lunchtime.

A late start meant no time for Grasmoor, Causey Pike or Scar Crags - actually I missed the path for Grasmoor.

  1. Grisedale Pike (791m)
  2. Hopegill Head (770m)
  3. Eel Crag [Crag Hill] (839m)
  4. Sail (773m)
  5. Outerside (568m)
Birketts; Kinn, Hobcarton Head, Sand Hill and Stile End.

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