Saturday, 3 March 2007

Kentmere Round (12.5mi/20km)

Had an ok walk today - started in Kentmere. I parked at the church and went towards Raven Crag where I expected a nice easy grade 1 rock scramble. My mistake not to check access - the crag was closed due to Peregrine Falcons nesting! This resulted in me having to scramble up a wet bit of grass instead :(

Lake Windermere seen from Ill Bell
Eight Wainwrights completed on saturday and some decent photos taken in quite strong winds and low temperatures;
  1. Yoke (706m)
  2. Ill Bell (757m)
  3. Froswick (720m)
  4. Thornthwaite Beacon (784m)
  5. Mardale Ill Bell (760m)
  6. Harter Fell (778m)
  7. Kentmere Pike (730m)
  8. Shipman Knotts (587m)
Birketts; Goat Scar.

Check out the walk report with the best photos here! The full gallery is here.

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