Saturday, 24 March 2007

Langdale Pikes (11mi/17km)

A top walk/scramble today around the Langdale Pikes. I started off from New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel and headed up the Stickle Ghyll path. I was tempted to scramble up the ghyll but feared for my dSLR!

After a snack and packing the dSLR away it was time for what I had been looing forward too - Jack's Rake (grade 1 scramble) up the face of Pavey Ark. Only about four other scramblers today on this popular route - I kept to the more exposed line at the start since my pack kept getting stuck otherwise. Good fun but not sure I'd like to down-climb it!

After summiting Pavey Ark via Jack's Rake I spent a few hours messing around on the Langdale pikes and crags indulging in some less serious scrambling fun!

See a video of Jack's Rake on youtube (not mine) here

The following Wainwrights completed today in about 7.5hrs;
  1. Pavey Ark (700m)
  2. High Raise (762m)
  3. Sergeant Man (730m)
  4. Thuncar Knott (723m)
  5. Harrison Stickle (736m)
  6. Loft Crag (682m)
  7. Pike o' Stickle (709m)
Birketts; Thorn Crag.

See the gallery here or the walk report here

(Start/End NY295064)

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