Thursday, 25 October 2007

Aborted Cockly Pike Ridge, Ill Crag (18km)

I was aiming for a scramble (grade 1) up Cockly Pike ridge onto Ill Crag but ended up backing out, ostensibly due to lack of time, but I might have been a little scared!

I did the first two rocky pyramids but then backed off since I only had three hours to do it and then descend. Probably a good move considering the long (2hr) walk in/out via Esk Valley. Had a bit of fun bouldering instead (which was probably more dangerous but felt less so..!)

The walk-in is about 8km from Brotherikeld Farm via Great Moss. I had a good look at the Esk Gorge which really does look tempting as a big adventurous gill scramble!

No Wainwrights completed!

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