Thursday, 25 October 2007

Copeland Horseshoe (18km)

An early start was made today (with wet shoes, that drying room was not so good!) at 9am from the first landing stage besides Wastwater for my quick version of the Copeland Horseshoe. The whole hike took my 7hrs which was a little slow but what can I say? BOGS!

(Haycock, Scoat Fell from Middle Fell)

A nice little traverse path on the side of Middle Fell led me to Greendale Tarn and then up and down to the summit of Middle Fell. First of the bogs encountered here. Then it was a bit of what would have been a depressing bog slog. Luckily I had the RAF boys to watch - still can't recognise the aircraft though!

(Greendale Tarn. Seatallan to Left. Middle Fell to Right.)

Once I got onto Scoat Fell the walk started to get good (i.e. no more bloody bogs!). A quick walk up Red Pike from the NW and the day was all over bar a muddy traverse on the side of Yewbarrow past Great Door and down to the road at Overbeck Bridge.

(Red Pike from Scoat Fell)

Two new Wainwrights completed;
  1. Middle Fell
  2. Red Pike

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